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The Rapture Fleet of the Angelic Protectorate
"General Lenora?" A stoic angel warrior kneeled at the pilot's seat of the Holy Flame, one of thousands of the ships sent by the Angelic Protectorate to fight the rising Legion menace. The silver-haired, crestfallen Seraph sitting in the chair in front of her pulled her face out of her hands, greeting her with her eyes, and finally speaking.
"Yes, Zelda?" She said.
"Lenora, I..." Zelda looked to her side, distraught. "We took only a few of them out, but had to make a retreat. Their forces were too many, and over half of ours had fallen..." She closed her eyes, rethinking her choice of words, then opened them as she spoke again. "...No, not fallen. Worse than that. Those monsters, they... took them. Changed them into one of their own. We had to cut down some of our own people to avoid falling ourself."
"I... see." Lenora closed her eyes, thinking on it a moment. "...I understand. There was nothing you could do. A retreat was the best course of action... as much as I hate to admit that."
:iconnero-the-lime:Nero-The-Lime 3 18
Sonia + Sasha Sprites :iconnero-the-lime:Nero-The-Lime 6 3 FenrisCo Donovan Sprite :iconnero-the-lime:Nero-The-Lime 7 4 Althea Sprite :iconnero-the-lime:Nero-The-Lime 10 3 MSF High - Student Minecraft Skins (Collection 1) :iconnero-the-lime:Nero-The-Lime 5 8
CartograFlorist of the Stars
Vincent was an explorer of sorts. A cartographer of the stars. Earth was afraid of the world above them, but he knew deep down that couldn't be the case for everyone. After all, he didn't fear outer space. Maybe if he documented it all, they'd change their minds. And so he set off, to visit all the planets he could, and make an analysis. Was it safe? Habitable? Maybe it had an unstable atmosphere that could be fixed with science's modern advances? Every planet he visited, he documented. This quest started only a few months ago, and already he'd made some interesting discoveries.
[APPROACHING UNNAMED PLANET] Spat out the computer. He knew he was somewhere in the Flonax system. But he didn't really have a name for it. Maybe spending some time down there would help. He pressed a button to launch a probe, and within seconds a small device spat out of the ship and down to the surface below. Some time later, it came back with a report: The planet was apparently home to water! And even grass!
:iconnero-the-lime:Nero-The-Lime 4 5


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(UpCOM) Unexpectedly Hefty :iconoxdarock:Oxdarock 170 2
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Misa's MSF High Files, Article 24: Dark Elves
In the centuries before the High Elves of Mythar II came into contact with the Humans of Terra, the Mythar star system's two major planets were subject to considerable turmoil and upheaval.  For over a millennium, the various races on the planets invaded and colonized each other to the point where it was unclear which races were native to which planets.  However, around the year 1200 BC, an alliance of Elves, Fairies, and Dwarves made a massive push into Mythar II, sending the Orcs, Trolls, Kobolds, and other races they considered the aggressors to Mythar III.  In an attempt to establish clear boundaries hoping to prevent war, the set of civilizations on Mythar II named their alliance "The Mythics", hoping to invoke the idea that a new age of legend had begun.  To differentiate themselves from the other races, which they referred to as "The Hordes", the alliance of Mythics established a new form of governance which each race was to apply to themselves to make a stat
:iconmsfhwraith:MSFHWraith 7 15
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Zendrick! You Have Sinned!
Have you ever made a dumb joke piece on a whim at midnight?
Because I have.

Random thing for :iconkotaro316: after Zendrick responded to something in the MSFH game, right before the AP field trip.
*Zendrick has a weird dream. He wakes up in a dark room, with the only light of the room coming from under the door. He approaches the door and an angelic figure bursts it open.*
Zendrick: "What."
*Zendrick wakes up*

Given the flat-toned response, I knew this had to be done.
Megaman Sprite Comic:
87 deviations
Wraith and Aakashi Neko Sprites
Did this for practice. Random gift for :iconmsfhwraith::iconakuoreo: of their old Neko characters.
I haven't done single-image humanoid sprites in a long time, so this helped a lot. Hope they enjoy it. <3
Okay, I know I promised to do my next rant on gender issues, but hey, you can't blame me. It's not exactly topical. what IS, however, is the elections. Trump won (By proxy, but that isn't important) and a lot of people aren't very happy about that. There's this huge melodramatic outrage from SJWs everywhere. So sit still, quit your literal shaking, and read up. I'm gonna go over some of these arguments.

"How could you let a racist, xenophobic, transphobic, sexist, mysogynist, homophobic bigot become president?"
You have only yourself to blame for this. These are all rumors. Hoaxes. Created to slander Trump because 'Hah, there's no way he can win, right?'. Instead of fact-checking or applying reason, they listened to a biased viewpoint and perpetuated it. So what if he said something bad about a woman? So what if he wants illegal people to get official papers before moving in? The real bigots are the people forming literal riots in protest to him. And as Shoe0nHead once said: LGBT Americans are still Americans, and Trump loves America.

Yes, he's going to court for rape allegations. ALLEGATIONS. Nothing has been proven. Need I remind you that we're currently living in a society where anyone can make a rape accusation to ruin someone's life? And it works. That's the sad part. Yes, we should be listening to victims, but only if they have proof. Until any of that surfaces, he isn't literally a rapist, he's accused of being one.
Edit: Allegedly the accusations were pulled after they were told they needed evidence. Wow.

"Trump is going to deport all POCs and take away the rights of LGBT people!"
Alright, this one is kinda personal to me. See above how these are rumors bloated beyond belief. It's a result of SJW manipulation. Quotes taken out of context, Distorted and twisted messages... Okay, first: Trump wanting to deport ethnic people? No. He wants to deport people who got into the country illegally. That doesn't make him racist. I have yet to see proof of him being anti-LGBT. And no, Pence isn't proof. Look, even if trump DID want these things. We all know he wouldn't have the power to just push a button and reverse social progress. Even though congress is mostly republican, they still wouldn't allow that to be repealed.

"My minority friends are deeply affected by this! They're scared for their lives and need hugs and reassurance!"
No. Stop. This is what pisses me off the most. I'm a trans woman, and I'm not worried at all. Their paranoia is a result of YOUR fearmongering. 'Don't elect trump! He's anti-LGBT!' you go around saying. But it's okay. He won't get elected, right? The chances of it happening are so low, and even if he does get voted in, there won't be any repercussions, right? That's clearly not what happened. People are afraid because of the manipulation and fearmongering surrounding trump. They're scared they'll lose their rights because YOU told them they would. And now you have the gall to coddle them and treat them like babies. Fuck you.
I'm not saying they don't deserve reassurance. Reversing the damage caused by fearmongering is going to take some social time. They need to know that everything will be okay and their fears are misplaced. What I AM saying though, is that all of this could've been avoided with simple fact-checking and people telling the truth instead of lying to get people on your side.

Okay, that last one was the one I really wanted to talk about. I'm a human. A mature adult (Except two years under that age. Sad, comparatively.). I don't need special treatment. I don't need someone to hug me and tell me they'll take care of me just because I'm trans. If you give people special treatment for having a condition, others, more malicious ones are going to want in on that. It's already happening. Look at Tumblr. (Or any of my other rants for that matter.) Trump isn't the end of the world. He's just a president of a corrupt nation. Hey, let's look at the upsides. He funded his own election, so that means no big corporations can buy him out. He speaks with honesty. (I hope so. At the end of the day he's still a politician.) And most importantly, he's anti-political correctness. That means that the government might finally stop coddling the dumbass "QIA+" side of the title. SJWs might finally see a decrease in prevalency.

I wanna end this rant on a light note. So here's an SJW Outrage Mega Collection+:
Let's just laugh at some dumb leftists to end this off. People are actually saying this is worse than 9/11. What sounds worse? A devastating terrorist attack where hundreds or more lost their lives, with the added effect of loads of property damage and the PATRIOT act, war on terror, sending the government into an extremely controlling state? Or Trump getting elected? If you think it's the latter, shut the fuck up you melodramatic ass. He's not even in office yet.
Other things to note: People unproud to be american or human, loads of hypocricy, projecting... I could go on about this, but there are a few points I want to adress.

"There's still a chance for Hillary! The Electoral College doesn't vote until December!"
Hillary conceded. Next.

"Baby Boomers stole the future from us! Look at this map of what would happen if only Millenials voted!"
Even if they're old people from an older generation, they still have just as much of a right to vote as you do. Being old doesn't rob them of their right to make a decision. They didn't ruin the future for you. You're just overly paranoid. And hey, guess what? Lots of Millenials voted trump too. Some of them saw through the lies and manipulation and took a stand against it. Oh, and before you pull that 'Hillary won the popular vote! We shouldn't be winning states!' argument, keep in mind that that map you also mentioned shows what states would've been won. Hypocrites.

"Anyone who didn't vote for Hillary is a racist/homophobe/sexist/transphobe/nazi/etc.!"
This is what makes me the most sad. These guys have bought in to the idea of trump being Hitler's reincarnation that they're letting that get in the way of reality. Listen. Humans aren't that one-dimensional. Learn who people are. If you've been friends with someone for a while, you should know who they are as a person. Not everyone agrees with everything a candidate says, even if they vote for them. When it comes to your friends' personalities, who do you trust more: The media, or your own experience?

"I'm moving out of the country. I can't survive here with Trump."
Coward. You're letting paranoia control you. You're going to go through the long, arduous process of moving, leaving all your friends, house, job, and all behind... Because you're afraid of some hoaxes about the future president? Please. It's too much trouble. You have nothing to be worried about.

"If you voted 3rd-party, you're priveleged and made Trump win."
Hahahahahahahaha... OH GOD. OHHHHOHOHOHO. Oh boy. Maybe I should stock some alcoholic eggnog for the season.
Okay, you can think that. It's too stupid for me to debunk without bursting into laughter, but just keep in mind that for as many Hillary votes it took, it took just as many Trump votes.

GOOOSH. I got really long winded on this. I could go on for hours about Leftist jargon (And I have, if you ask my friends), but really, we don't have the time for that. In conclusion, I wanna point out that I'm not really an avid trump supporter. Hell, if it was my choice, I wouldn't want a president at all. I just wanted to point and laugh at all the idiocracy and melodrama in the aftermath of the election. Don't worry, this'll blow over, and in 4 years you can elect someone else if you really want to. But the current reaction is totally immature. Trump won, and no amount of rioting will change that.
Okay, okay! I'm done now. Peace.


United States
Hey there! I don't really do much but I do love writing TF/TG stories and making minecraft skins! I'm apparently really good at both of those things, as well as some random others, so keep an eye out!
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